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Ribguard Aqua is the way to surf all day without getting major rib discomfort. Made in the USA from the highest grade Nylon and Lycra available, this padded surf shirt is made extra long to eliminate shifting. The slim pad design stays out of the way and won’t restrict deep duck dives, even in the heaviest surf conditions.

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If you have ever eaten it big time, you’ll appreciate what these products will do for those of us who like to go for it.  Ribguard was designed for surf travelers, or surfers who have rib injuries and those who aren’t able to surf as often as they like. We have customers who have had surgeries, broken ribs and calcium deposits on the sternum and have found Ribguard is a solution to these problems. Check out our reviews to see what our customers are saying about Ribguard.

Our team has over 20 years of manufacturing experience in the processes of extrusion, injection molding and lamination of foam to fabrics. We are focused on producing the highest quality sports products made here in the USA. We have chosen to produce locally, to ensure the product is made to our standards. It’s also important to us to support US workers and our local economy.

If you enjoy playing rough we’ve got you covered.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12.5 × 1.5 in

Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Sleeveless


Black, Blue, Gray


Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

15 reviews for Ribguard Aqua Surfwear

  1. Ray Hufnagel  

    RibGuard is an awesome product for those of us that cannot paddle out as much as we used to. I surfed 7 days straight in 
    Hawaii last week with the RibGuard with no rib pain! No problems with duck diving and it added some warmth too. Aloha, Ray 

  2. Richard Fleming, Petey’s Surf Shack

    I have been a surf coach for over 20 yrs. I am an Ironman Triathlete and in great condition and was asked to be a test dummie and asked my opinion of the Rib/rash Guard. BUY ONE AND USE IT, EVERYTIME YOU SURF!!! I know that you will not want to try something new because you already have your onw style and routine. I have used my RibGuard, RashGuard everytime I surf, since it was invented. It’s very comfortable. If you try, just like the “coach” you will be more comfotable in the water paddling and surfing…I live at San Miguel, Baja Calif. and there is an island close by. I will send photos of surfin Todos with the Ribguard. IT IS A MUST HAVE! If you are not satisfied, after you use the Ribguard for one week, I will refund your money. Muchas Gracias, JACK..PEACE OUT!

  3. Ward Smith

    I am from Santa Cruz and met Jack when he was down here. I had just purchased a ribguard and you had given me one for free. I got a short sleeve black and a long sleeve grey.  

    I love your product and have been personally responsible for a number of sales. My best friend from Santa Cruz, who lives as Pleasure Point purchased one recently. I was stoked to see the little rope tab as mine tends to ride up when punching through waves. That is a great addition.

    I have worn the black one both under my wetsuit in Santa Cruz and as a rashguard in the tropics for over a year and a half. That is approximately 300 surf sessions. It is finally starting to show signs of ware. It is a great product. I have never surfed without it since I received it. My rib pain is significantly better. Most sessions I do not even notice it. That is pretty good for a 65 year old senior who has been surfing since 1961.

    I was on my annual trip to Tavarua for the first 2 weeks of July. At the beginning of the trip I loaned my black short sleeve ribguard to a friend from SoCal. I wore the grey one for the whole trip. I really had rarely worn it before as I prefer short sleeves. One day I jumped off the boat at Cloudbreak and got 2 waves that were photographed. The photographer took multiple photos of both waves. The ribguard really stands out. The first photo I am attaching is right after the takeoff. The second photo was taken later on the same way. Not bad for a senior citizen.

  4. Big Dave

    Well, my ribs were understandably sore, after surfing for over 460 consecutive days, and after having the nose of my board broken off by being slammed against my ribs. I was really suffering when my good buddy Jack showed up to surf for a week, and brought me his brilliant new invention: the ribguard. the xxl size fit me perfectly, and gave me instant relief from the chronic rib pain. I have worn it for over 10 days now, it is comfortable, and the long shirt tail tucks well into your wetsuit or trunks.I have worn it both under a wetsuit, and on top of one. It also provides extra warmth and flotation, and puts you in a better paddling position, which relieves your chronic neck pain, too. I have worn my ribguard while surfing waves up to 10 or 12 feet, and I was still able to duck dive well. i would highly recommend the ribguard to anyone who surfs. Not only does it help your ribs heal, but it helps protect them from impact injury.Plus, it’s a top of the line rash guard, and it looks cool…like the incredible hulk.
    FANTASTIC product….everyone should have one of these!

  5. Tom

    Received the Ribguard, thanks. Tried it out and it works great, no soreness this morning.

  6. Tad (Tito) Hodgson

    Ah, we had a fine week surfing that Ensenada area. Coach and little wave Dave dominate the area and with their new RIBGUARD they not only rip but the look ripped. And the Guard helps with floatation! After that wipeout at KILLERS I floated right up, ready for more. Jack (Ass) did not have the RIBGUARD and nearly died. After 28 days you will make it part of your routine. Thanks Jack Hozen for the best new surf product since sex wax. 

  7. Fred C.

    I’ve used the Ribguard now five times, and in this case, no news is good news. My ribs are fine, and I don’t even notice the Ribguard is on. You came up with a great idea, and the product is much appreciated. I’ve had countless tib  fractures, and have one right now on the edge of cracking again.

    The Ribguard is keeping it protected so far. Thanks for pulling the Ribguard off. I will certainly share my satisfaction with it with others out in the water. Hope you have a lot of success with it.

  8. Duane

    Once again, amazing product. I just completed a rough water 17 mile paddle with   it and wouldn’t have finished without it. I’m going to take it in the……..Molokai Channel in a few weeks.

  9. João De Macedo

    “After a serious injury to my lowest rib surfing big waves in Galicia (Northern Spain), I was devastated with the recovery time and then with how uncomfortable it had become to paddle… I used all kinds of contraptions to get some comfort so I could get back to paddling and surfing hard – when I finally found RibGuard while surfing in the Nelscott Reef Invitational I found a way after two years since my injury that was practical and functional giving me lift off my rib and supporting me paddling as hard as I can!
    Thanks Jack and the RibGuard team!
    João De Macedo
    Rip Curl TeamRider and Rip Curl Planet Ambassador
    Co-Founder of World Surfing Reserves movement
    Author “Book 7 – How to be a Surfer”
    2636 Judah St. App. 221
    San Francisco, CA
    Office: 831.427.0268 Cell: 415.518.4747

  10. Chimbo

    Hey man what’s up? Here i am in a surf competiton this weekend, and in the middle of the heat i was pressured cause i was competing against 20 year olds, i wiped out and my board went under me and then the white water exploded and took the board and sent it right into me, hitting me on my ribs, the Ribguard absorbed the hit and i was ok.

  11.  Kerry Stidham

    I received the Large RG and it fits much better, Thank you. I had a chance yesterday to wear it. It fits well under my XL wetsuit and actually help maintain warmth as the wind starts to stir. It works well on my sternum support (calcium build-up). For me though, the pads are bit too hard for rib support. I would personally like to see the pads at the ribs area softer. The pads do not seem to bother me in the chest area. Thank you. I hope this is helpful. this is a great product.

  12. Tony M.

    I’m a long time Baja surf junkie and my favorite southern break happens to be a rocky point just north of Ensenada. More than once since 1969 when I began falling in love with this point, have I bounced off the bottom or taken a rail shot to the ribs. Every old time water dog knows about trying to get in and out of your wetsuit with broken or bruised ribs is a slow painful process. When Jack (the good Jack) approached me with his new invention, You can imagine I was more than a little skeptical. “Another surf add on” I though, “Just what we need, Another Herbie Fletcher and asto deck” or those goofy webbed gloves that kid from Huntington “Skeletor” made famous. I like Jack so I tried out his Sport Guard, Guess what..?It works. A little snug under the old wettie at first, But the floating over my board while I paddle my brains out is a big plus. that, added to no pain on my lower ribs after a layoff and a long surf are very very cool. [sic]

    Thanks Jack….., I’m in.

  13. Mark Robinson, LACo Firefighter

    I used the Ribguard for a trip to Nicaragua. Always had issues with paddling in warm/tropical waters due to no wetsuit and past broken ribs. The Ribguard worked great! It actually gave me more paddle stability to get into the heavier waves along with pain free surfing! Surf was heavy on this trip and I did have a seam in the neck come apart. I called the company and they sent me a new one before I could get the old one in the mail. Excellent customer service!

  14. John Forse 

    Jack, I can’t thank you enough for the Ribguard, I am not even aware of wearing it except I have been completely relieved of my ongoing rib and sternum pain. It also positions my back and neck in a painless angle during paddling. My 3 back and 2 neck operations were always a painful issue when paddling until now. After limited surfing the last 5 years due to the aforementioned problems it has given me hope to be surfing on my 65th birthday this year. With the added bonus of minimal flotation for safety but no interference for duck diving it has even given me hope for big waves again!

  15. Joel G.

    Recovering from open heart surgery my chest was very tender from incision. Ribguard has helped my sanity-I was able to get back in the water while the incision was still tender. Great customer service, fast order processing and timely delivery. I would still be on dry land fiending for surf without Ribguard. Quality is excellent. It fits well and is very comfortable. I will most likely use Ribguard long after my chest has healed. Thanks again the quality of my life is much improved.

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